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Regulations 4.0


mini Press equipment equipped with functions that make it “INDUSTRIAL MACHINE 4.0”  

The equipment is equipped with an M251 PLC with double Ethernet port, one of which is connected to the modem  router for remote connection and the second to the operator panel (both located in the cabin). The PLC is installed  in the compacting control panel located on the right side rear of the vehicle (see photo 1); 

The PLC is able to provide a multiplicity of information that can be displayed on the latest generation control panel mod. MAGELIS  SCHNEIDER 7.5 ”LCD touch screen, (see photo 2)

The data that can be displayed are:
– Blade opening;
– Trolley return;
– Blade closing and trolley exit;
– Raised/ Lowered tank;
– Vault bins for out of shape;
– Extended stabilizing feet/ re-entering;
– Oil temperature;
– Hour counter.




  • Emergency Stop
  • High temperature hydraulic circuit oil
  • Pressure switches malfunction. 

Also, the data relating to the work cycles are stored:

  • Number of cycles of shovel and constipatio trolley;
  • Number of bins turn cycles;
  • Number of discharge cycles.
  • The cycles also store up to 20 times the uses of the Emergency Stop buttons. ( see photo 2)  





All the data appearing on the operator panel can be  extrapolated from the PLC remotely by username  and password, this is possible thanks to a modem  router RUT230 3G which with a special dedicated  SIM it allows both the connection, the visualization  of the data and the necessary information and for  the remote assistance that modification of the  software.  

In addition the router is equipped with WI-FI tech nology that can be used within the range of signal  coverage where from your smartphone and / or  tablet via IP address it is possible to connect and  display all data. (photo 3) 

 photo 3  

All the equipment has been designed and observes the MODBUS tpc-ip protocol on ETHERNET and a unique IP address.